Seawinds Educare


40 children aged 3-6 years old. 

Preschool's Vision:

To establish an educare that caters for children’s needs, irrespective of race, gender or cultural backgrounds. It also offers a safe, fun environment.

Principal's story: Rita

I started in 1995, before that I worked in an engineering factory. One morning I opened the newspaper and saw an ad for prime care training. My boss sponsored my training. I spoke to my church and they opened their doors to me for 3 months, then I put a bungalow in my mom’s yard and stayed there for more than a year. I approached Lowrie Primary for space, and have been there for 8 years now. Currently, I have 3 centres. If I had the opportunity and land, I would open one big centre. All my previous parents tell me that the children excel at the different schools they attend. I transport children from 5am to the centres. The passion and love I have for these children is what gets me up every morning, even if the school fees are low and sometimes we struggle.

How to help:


We need fundraising champions. Get creative – run a marathon on your front yard, host a virtual high tea, do something amazing and encourage your friends and family to change the world through early learning.

We rely on volunteers to lend a helping hand when teachers are off sick. To work in the classroom you need an up-to-date security check.

Help us get Covid-19 Ready:

We need to meet all health and safety requirements and Covid-19 protocols in order to open our centre to children in July. Our vulnerable children are missing out on wholesome meals and our love and care. 

We want to offer our children a safe space where they can learn and thrive. We need your help to make this possible. 

Donate something from our wishlist:

Shelving and bag pigeon holes (R3500)

5 x Stackable beds (Blue only, approx R599)  –

Vegetable seeds and seedlings