Mandela Day 2019: 18 July
Make a tangible impact on Early Childhood Development

# Powerof67

Join our Mandela Day Maker Space to create calming corners for preschool classrooms where children can go to help them self-regulate.

We can ensure that children are well supported and thus maximise the benefits of their early learning. These foundations will take them through their school careers and into the job market later in life. These are the critical years of brain development and have a huge impact on their social, emotional and cognitive development.

WHAT are you supporting?

Learning in Reach is currently training 30 preschools to be trauma-informed schools.

CleanUp 1Trauma has a profound effect on the developing brain of young children. It’s well documented that trauma at an early age can lead to instances of mental illness and social disease. Current research indicates that trauma actually affects the structure and function of the brain. Poverty, mental illness, and drug and alcohol abuse all have a hand in creating an environment that replicates itself over and over in each successive generation.
We know that brain development between 0 and 6 years old is crucial for a child’s future success, so we need to ensure children are supported and provided with positive experiences.
Learning in Reach recognises the power that early childhood centres can play in impacting children’s lives, both in academic success and in their family and community lives. We need to create safe and supportive preschools that are equipped to understand the nature of trauma and how it affects learning and development. This is a shift from the one-size-fits-all education system.

WHY should you help?

An estimated 42% of South Africa’s children have experienced some form of maltreatment and 82% have either experienced or witnessed some form of victimisation.20190330_195834_0001

• One in three children (35%) has been physically abused
• One in three children (35%) has been sexually abused
• One in four children (26%) has been emotionally abused
• One in five children (26%) has been neglected

(source: Optimus National Prevalence Study)

War is commonly defined by the UN and other such institutions as an act of conflict that has claimed more than 1000 lives. In the Western Cape, 1875 people were murdered in the past six months alone. This means that many of our most vulnerable residents in the province are living in a war zone.
Learning in Reach works in the marginalised, gang-ridden Cape Flats community to empower an ecosystem of quality education for the holistic development of the child.
Learning in Reach is improving access to quality early childhood development by supporting and nurturing parents and teachers as role models and educators of young children through disruptive pedagogy, training, infrastructure and resource improvements, nutritional support and economic empowerment.
Early intervention is required to break the intergenerational cycle of violence and abuse.

HOW you can help.

OPTION 1: Volunteer to crowdfund R670 or more #Powerof67

Harness the collective power of your networks and crowdfund for Learning in Reach. Access our toolkit here with all you need, and sign up here as a Champion. It’s super easy for you to fundraise for us  and you can do it from anywhere: your desk, a coffee shop or your home. All you’ll need is an internet connection. If you are part of a corporate, we will set up a group campaign for your employees to work towards a set target.

OPTION 2: Mandela Day Maker Space

Mandela Day 67

Follow these 5 steps to an incredibly impactful Mandela Day 2019:

1. Book a time slot

Please confirm which of the time slots below you’d like to attend. We ask that you arrive 10 min before your scheduled time to ensure you find parking and the venue timeously. We have a jam-packed day and would hate to keep anyone waiting.
11h00 – 12h07
12h30 – 13h37

You’ll find us at the top of the stairs inside Workshop 17 nearest the Aquarium side of the Watershed at the V&A Waterfront.

2. Showcase

We will have a showcase of the 30 ECD centres in Lavender Hill. Principals and teachers will also attend the maker space, so you can engage and learn more about the challenges they face in delivering quality early childhood development to our children, and the impact this has on South Africans, socially and economically. Browse the showcase as you arrive and pop back at any time during your 67 minutes.

3. Stations

Sit with your team of 6 to 7 people. Each table will have all the materials and tools you need to complete your calming kit in 67 minutes. A volunteer will be on hand to guide you step by step.

4. Crowdfund

We ask that each participant assists us by crowdfunding a minimum of R670 to help us deliver social worker support, debriefing and mentorship to each preschool in Lavender Hill. Click here to sign up as a Champion. Access our toolkit here.

5. Social
Please follow us on social media and share, share, share our posts.