Big Book Wrap

Why partner with us?

By providing books for the home, to preschool children in the marginalised communities, you are investing in helping children thrive academically and socially, and develop positive habits of mind.

Research shows that having books at home has major academic and social benefits on young children from birth. It’s the single biggest indicator of academic  success, more so than socio economic status.

Access to books positively impacts on the reading achievement of economically disadvantaged children.

Children who own a book are 15 times more likely to read above the level expected for their age.

What we have achieved

7080 new books distributed to date

How to help

Step 1: Donate

Challenge your community (school / business) to each buy / donate a copy of “Zebra Crossing”

• Individuals: Donate a book for R50 or buy 1 and donate 1 for R100

• Team pledge: Pledge 20 or more books for a preschool class (R1000)

• Businesses: Enter the challenge to donate 100 books per office (R5000)

(Proceeds go towards ECD Scholarship programs)

Step 2: Personalise

Choose if you want to lovingly wrap donated books yourself with a personal message, or we will do this for you.

Each donated book will be delivered to young readers aged 3-6 years.

Step 3: Celebrate

Books will be gifted as part of our end of year giving November – December or at the start of the school year January – February.


Zebra Crossing - Book

Zebra is scared of everything- being alone, the dark and especially crossing roads. Will he find enough courage to cross the road?

R50 - R100

There's a Lion in my Tummy - Book

When I have BIG FEELINGS that I don’t understand, it feels like a lion walking all over my insides!

Everything feels wobbly. 

Every child should know love and belonging and have a special bond with a caring adult.

R50 - R100