ECD Solutions

ECD Solutions

Global as well as local studies indicate that the most cost effective stage in the education process is realised through professional Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs in order to achieve optimal long term outcomes. Studies regularly show an 8:1 benefit ratio

Community Co-operatives

Community Co-operatives

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and we cannot disrupt the Early Childhood Development process without addressing the supporting structures, the main one being the child’s parents , as role models and leaders of these young children. We see

Bursary fund

Bursary fund

The Learning In Reach Bursary Fund is intended to improve racial diversity at established Montessori schools and to assist children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to overcome the economic barriers of attaining a quality education. The families do however, have to work hand in hand with


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Latest project

Lavender Hill Project

Founded on a co-design workshop within the community, our Lavender Hill ECD & socio-economic co-op is: Community Driven In the community, for the community. The project leader and driver for the delivery of the school will be the teacher or parent

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We dreamed together

The mood of the workshop participants was positive following the workshop. It was felt that working with Learning In Reach would bring change to Lavender Hill. Your dream and our dreams for Lavender Hill are the same. People come and go and political parties make promises, but you never promised, you asked our input, our views and dreams and we dreamt together.

Janine Community educator


I want to do it, I can do it, I will do it, I'm going to do it.

Janett Community member starting a catering business


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