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Staff Members

Project Manager - Chery Abrahams

With a background in teaching both pre and primary school, Chery is passionate about the wellbeing and holistic education of children. Having had a very challenging childhood herself and surviving the Cape Flats with her positive optimism intact, Chery’s journey speaks of her courage and determination. She believes that through the kindness of strangers in her younger years she became the person that she is today. She believes in the African proverb that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and that the support of the broader community is vital in the healthy development of young children, especially from marginalised communities like the Cape Flats.

Chery is a champion of creating a holistic ecosystem where partnerships between all stakeholders build a supportive network to ensure the cycles of social ills on the Cape Flats are broken.

Working with 30 ECD centres and 4 primary schools in Lavender Hill, Chery is determined to make her community safer, to offer more opportunities for the children and ensure they are equipped to build a better life for themselves.

Acting Principal – Mikayle Booysen

Mikayle has been working as a Childhood Development Practitioner in Lavender Hill for more than six years. She enjoys being around children and making them feel safe and loved, putting their needs before her own.

Her goal is to further her studies and complete her B.Ed degree with a focus on children’s psychology.

Mikayle completed a Montessori course in 2018 and would love to facilitate change and make a difference in Lavender Hill for the next generation to thrive and live in peace. Mikayle is the lead teacher for Children’s House of Lavender Hill which opened in March 2019. The school is changing the way parents and neighbouring preschools support children in this conflict-ridden community.

Classroom Assistant - Carla Martin

Carla has the passion, the patience and the love to work with children. She made sacrifices to go back to study Early Childhood Development in 2018 to equip herself to serve the children of her community.

While studying Carla opened her own preschool, Precious Steps, in January 2018. She wants to play a role in the protection of the community’s children. She believes that the foundation that is built at a young age will equip the children to make the right choices in life as they grow older.

In 2019 Carla embarked on her Montessori journey, furthering her studies at Montessori Centre South Africa. In February 2019, Carla joined Learning in Reach as a classroom assistant to cement her Montessori knowledge and contribute to building an ECD ecosystem that has a larger impact on Lavender Hill.

Carla is eager to make a lasting impact through early childhood education.